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Our five-axis milling machine in the workshop

+ Grinding
+ Batch work
+ Repairs


CNC turning 
Five-axis milling
Gear cutting

Subcontract precision CNC machining at competitive prices

As an independent specialist in subcontract precision CNC machining, Yorkshire-based Westin Engineering serves customers across a wide range of industries.


​Our blend of skills, experience and sophisticated machinery equips us to fulfil your requirements, including manual machining, CNC turning, 5-axis milling, gear cutting, grinding and repairs.


​With a focus on quality, customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, we can produce machined parts large and small as one-offs or in batches, with a quick turnaround. In addition, we can offer in-house balancing and shot blasting services.


We also offer CAD/CAM software for offline programming and our experienced engineers can make, reverse engineer or repair a product from drawings or from the part itself. ​​

Quality assurance built on more than 100 years of experience

The Westin name has been synonymous with industry in Huddersfield since Westin Drives began as an electric motor repair shop in 1921. In recent years, Westin Engineering has developed into a separate entity.


​Locally owned, it is based in a former textile mill. Our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation means that we put our customers first, making sure we consistently meet their needs. 

A gear cut by Westin Engineering

Repairing and refurbishing components from motors to pumps

A metal shaft on a lathe

Repairing and refurbishing components is a key part of our work. Jobs can vary from remaking motor housings, repairing pump heads or renewing box shafts. Turnaround time is usually one to two days, a little more if a part needs manufacturing.


As part of a small, independent group of companies, we can also offer a repair and reconditioning service for gearboxes, geared motors, electric motors and pumps.

We also rewind electric motors of most types and sizes. Our workshop internal lifting capacity is up to 20 tonnes.

NEWS: Step-by-step guide to machining worm wheel sets

Manufacturing worm wheel sets for applications requiring high-ratio speed reduction is a speciality. We machine wheels and worms in a variety of materials to exacting specifications for industries large and small. 


A step-by-step case study which follows the process of manufacture of a worm and wheel from blank to finished product, can be found on our Gear Cutting Page.

A worm wheel manufactured in our workshop

What our customers say: Happy with the quality and service'

A company commissioned us to manufacture a bespoke housing and design a linking shaft to support alterations to a product line. 'We have carried out the work to fit the components and I am pleased to say we were very happy with the quality and service received, which has enabled us to complete the project.'

A customer brought a burnt-out fan motor for repair by our sister company, Westin Drives. The bearing housing end shield was cracked beyond repair.

​Since the bespoke motor couldn't be replaced off the shelf, our engineers were able to manufacture a new housing.

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