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Exterior of a two-axis CNC machine


Precision engineering tools for our customers

​We are pleased to present our capabilities and capacity list to potential and existing customers. A programme of sustained investment in our Huddersfield machine shop ensures we have the best tools to meet your most exacting demands.


In addition, access to the latest equipment means that our precision engineering projects are completed to the highest standards of accuracy and quality.


With 1,000 or so gear cutting tools and 40 machines in our workshops, we are well equipped to cater for the most exacting needs of our customers, big or small. 

​If you require bespoke components for original equipment or replacement applications, please contact us. Our team of skilled engineers is ready to help you.


Our on-site resources include:

CNC milling machine

CNC Milling (3, 4, 5 axis)


1120 x 500mm TABLE

1020 x 520 x 540mm TRAVEL



CNC Milling (5 axis)         

600mm dia TABLE

600 x 600 x 500mm TRAVEL



Manual Turning

Swing over Bed 457mm

Swing in Gap 712mm

Bed Length 1.6m

Swing over Crosslide 266.7mm

Crosslide Travel 292.1mm

Spindle Bore 76.2mm


CNC Turning + live tooling (Y axis & milling function)

Live tooling upto 5000rpm

Chuck speed upto 4000rpm

Swing over bed 480mm

Swing in Gap 700mm

Gap in front of faceplate 175mm

Swing over cross slides 257mm

Cross Slide Travel 230mm

Distance between centres 2000mm

Maximum Cutting Length 1900mm

Spindle bore 80mm

Dynamic balancing

Dynamic Balancing machine

Auto calculation
Total swing 1000mm
Total distance/length 1800mm
Total weight 2 Ton
Gear cutting
Maximum diameter 660.40mm with a 127mm stroke length
Maximum diameter 558.50mm with a 152.20mm stroke length
Maximum shaft length for gear cutting:
Spurs 1.2m
Helical 700mm
Cylindrical grinding
Maximum diameter 406.40mm
Maximum length 1828mm

CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
Scale Resolution 0.5µm
Axis Travel (mm):
X 640
Y 600
Z 500

Thread grinding

Thread grinding

Maximum diameter 203.20mm

Maximum length 990.60mm


​Gear grinding

Maximum diameter 600mm

Maximum stroke length 220mm


Bore grinding

Maximum Outside diameter swing 609.60

Maximum bore grind diameter 355.60mm

Minimum bore grind diameter 14mm


Surface grinding

Maximum diameter 635mm



Maximum stroke length 254mm

Maximum outside diameter 350mm


Worm and worm wheel cutting

254mm maximum between centres

Our manual workshop

Churchill BSA Universal Grinder 16" x78"

Jones and Shipman Universal Grinder 10" x27", internal


Jones and Shipman Universal Grinder 14° x40", internal


Jones and Shipman 1400 Surface Grinder 24" × 8"

Churchill 15" Rotary Surface Grinder

2 x Jones and Shipman Lapping Machines

Jones and Shipman 310 Tool and Cutter Grinder

Jones and Shipman 310T Tool and Cutter Grinder

Jones and Shipman Tool and Cutter Grinder (old)

Clarkson Tool and Cutter Grinder

Jung Internal Grinder 26" swing

Matrix Thread and Worm Grinder

Matrix Model 46 Universal Thread and Worm Grinder,

internal grinding attachment.

Orcutt 36" Spline Grinder

Magg HSS 30 Gear Grinder

Niles 630 Gear Grinder

Dean Smith and Grace Type 21 X 36" Centre Lathe

Dean Smith and Grace Type 1307 X 40 Centre Lathe

Colchester Student Centre Lathe

Harrison 12" Centre Lathe

Parkson 2N Universal Milling Machine, attachments, DRO

A worm gear manufactured by our engineers

2 x Bridgeport Turret Mills

Fellows 7125 Gear Shaper

Fellows 61A Gear Shaper

Fellows 3A Gear Shaper

2 x Sunderland Gear Planers

Gleason 12” Bevel Gear Generator. Double Roll. Setting Gauges.

Gleason 12” Bevel Gear Generator. Single Roll. Setting Gauges.

David Brown MT15 Gear Hobber with Tangential Head

Pfauter RS1 Gear Hobber with Tangential Head

Hey 20” Tooth Rounder

2 x Jowett Thread Mills

Leeds Bradner HT Worm Miller

Qualters and Smith Bench Drill

Kitchen and Wade Radial Arm Drill

Arca 9” Capacity Horizontal Bandsaw

2 x Double Ended Grinders

Marico Hydraulic Broaching Press

HPC Air Compressor

Maag PH60 Gear Tester

Goulder 21 Gear Tester

2 x Goulder 2R Gear Tester

Goulder 3R Gear Tester

Parkson Gear Tester

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