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Metal components undergoing grinding


First class grinding of a wide variety of materials

Westin Engineering offers a specialist grinding service of a wide variety of materials. The process involves the using a rotating abrasive wheel to smooth the surface to achieve a close tolerance, refined finish.


There are other ways to ​reduce metal to the intended specification, but grinding is the best way to achieve high precision metal parts, fittings and components. 


Our team have expertise in cylindrical, rotary and bore grinding and we can grind items from 6mm diameter to 400mm diameter and our services are in demand by a range of customers from large manufacturers to small specialist firms.


We have particular expertise in precision gear grinding to create a finish of first-class quality.​


Whether you need a batch job or a one-off, our workshop is equipped to satisfy your precision grinding requirements, so please get in touch.

Our services include:

  • External grinding

  • Internal grinding

  • Surface grinding​

  • Spline grinding

  • Thread grinding

  • Worm grinding​​

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