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  • Graham Sykes

CMM brings highest precision levels

The CMM measuring centre at Westin Engineering

An ambition to bring measurement systems at Westin Engineering to the highest precision levels has led us to invest in the latest CMM software.

The Axiom Too, from British company Aberlink, calculates the geometry of objects by sensing discrete points on the surface with a probe.

Our engineers can now to measure to within five microns – five millionths of a metre, a refinement of particular value in the inspection of complex components.

​Once programmed, the machine can maintain tolerances throughout a production cycle.

The coordinate measuring machine is also proving invaluable in our reverse engineering projects. Previously, a gauge would be used to take measurements from samples which customers wish us to replicate.

Using the Axiom, our levels of accuracy, repeatability and reporting in the subcontract CNC machining of components are significantly raised, to the benefit of customers.

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