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  • Ryan Ainley

Repair of marine industry cooling pump

Marine cooling pump repair

Our sister company Westin Drives was asked to repair a pump used for cooling water in the marine industry.

As various worn parts needed machining, the pump was passed to our experienced CNC engineers.

Acetal wear rings, bronze bushes and general steel machining were required to bring it back to factory specification.

Holding the component in place was the trickiest part of the repair. The volute pump casing had to be supported in nine places to achieve the tolerance and surface finish required.

That was done on our XYZ 1020 VMC 3-axis miller, with its 1020mm long bed, which is ideal for awkward shaped parts. Finally, the inside of the pump casing and the impeller were coated to prevent corrosion.

Westin Engineering is a specialist in marine industry pump repairs, so please get on touch to see how we can help you.

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