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  • Graham Sykes

Customer's delight at Mather and Platt pump rebuild

Updated: Apr 2

The rebuilt Mather and Platt pump in our workshop

We completed an overhaul and rebuild of a 50-year-old, 12-stage Mather and Platt pump, used on a large Northern UK canal network.

The Mather and Platt pump in pieces on arrival at Westin Engineering

This was achieved with input from our sister companies, Westin Pumps and Westin Drives.

The pump arrived in our workshop stripped down and without the main shaft. The first task was for our engineers to machine a new shaft, then refurbish the impellers and the other components.

​This entailed manufacturing new rings, applying and machining back-to-size specialised filler, machining components missing or beyond economic repair, and assembling and testing. The pump was then sent to an independent test house at the request of the customer and came back with a glowing report. The customer was delighted.

  • Westin Pumps, which previously traded as US Marine and Industrial Pump Repair, is fully integrated into the Westin Group’s main site in Huddersfield. The business, which specialises in the supply of new and repaired pumps, pump spares and associated products, has enjoyed healthy growth since its acquisition by our group May 2021.

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