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  • Robert Cockroft

Cutting gears for vintage cars

A Winton 1903 touring car

Because of our reputation for producing high quality work, we have been cutting and grinding two sets of gears for vintage cars which are being restored.

​One of them is a 1904 Winton touring car, similar to the model pictured, with a two-speed gear box. In 1903, a Winton was the first car to travel across America. Starting in San Francisco and finishing in Manhattan, the journey took just over 63 days.

​All gears have been reverse engineered from samples supplied and will be quieter than the originals because they will be hardened and ground.

Elsewhere in our workshop, a local manufacturer who has been making shovels since 1740, used us to regrind some tool holders and repair a spindle. Both were required rapidly and we obliged.

The company has since sent us a shaft to manufacture and its housing to rebore and rebush. The customer – recommended to us by one of our sub contractors – is delighted with our work and has said that we will be their preferred supplier for any more breakdown work.

Meanwhile, a West Yorkshire-based precision rifle maker used us to machine a new part for one of his machines. The job was urgent as it was required in manufacturing a lucrative order to go the USA.

We are nothing if not versatile at Westin Engineering!

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